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Success Stories

Sucess Story
Submitted By: Anonymous
It was almost 10:00pm - early evening for some people. Where were you? Home with your feet up watching a good show on TV? Dinner dishes washed up and the kids have their home work done …in a perfect world that is.

In our not-so-perfect world, the siren is sounding loudly and our Central Dispatch Center is advising local police on an alarm. We know the zone – giving the police and our Patrol person more information as they race to the site. We win – YOU win – again! Siren scared off the intruders – they came in thru a non-alarmed window, had some items stacked up to take, propped open the door but when they crossed an alarmed zone, they were too scared to continue! The “Perps” quickly vacated the business.

Responsible advises that nothing was taken from site – and with the alarm reset – building returned to serene for the rest of the night.

… Now back to that TV show…

Extra Pair of Eyes
Submitted By: Anonymous
MSSI Guard spotted smoke coming from at trash compactor at this processing facility. He alerted a maintenance crew that was working in another part of the site.   They took care of it before the fire got out of hand. It paid off to have an extra set of eyes looking over this facility!

Pharmacy Hold Up Plan Not That Well Planned
Submitted By: Anonymous
Pharmacy hold up alarm did exactly what it was suppose to do! Suspect came in with hood over his face demanding drugs. Hold up button was pushed and BAM! Perpetrator was arrested – no one was hurt! Love it when the plan goes as planned – for the pharmacy that is!

"Don't Panic!"
Submitted By: Anonymous

Panic button signal alerted Central Station to “help needed” in this hospital emergency room.  Things were starting to get a bit frantic.  The Police showed up to remind the “out of control patient” to have some patience!

Mission: Impossible
Submitted By: Anonymous
Intruders came in thru the unalarmed roof access – walked across the unalarmed attic space and then attempted to drop down into the warehouse. Bingo! – off went the siren – the motion sensor picked them up before they had a chance to land! We don’t know if they saw too many “Tom Cruise” movies or what but with the fingerprints gathered up from the attic space, it won’t be long before they are rounded up. Breaking into this business really did turn into “Mission: Impossible”!