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Access Control Services

Our knowledge and expertise is among the highest available in the local area.  We install a wide range of products from single keypad and lock-up to PC based, multi-door installations.

The most commonly used method of control is the unique electronic pass carried by the user.  The pass can take the form of a swipe card, utilizing its magnetic strip to carry the unique user Identification, or a proximity token which uses non-contact technology in the form of a coded electronic chip.  By passing the magnetic strip across the reading surface, the system is able to recognize whether the card is valid or not by comparing its details with those stored in its own database.  If correct, the controlled entry point can then be released.  The entire process takes just milliseconds to complete.

Moon Security Services, Inc. is experienced in system design and installation of:

  • Keypad Entry Systems
  • Proximity Card & Tag Readers
  • Card Swipe Readers
  • Biometric Readers (finger print or retinal scan)
  • Stand Alone - Single Door Systems
  • Mechanical Gate Access
  • Multi-Door Access Systems
  • PC-Based Systems
  • Hardware Based Systems

With all the available technologies, our experienced consultants and installers will design a system to give your facility the security it requires.