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View the alarms -- in REAL TIME!

Our Patent Pending service turns blind burglar alarms and passive surveillance appliances into active video systems.  With our technology we relate alarm events with video clips from off the shelf DVR/NVRs (pre and post alarm).  The security control panel is a simple and dependable device.  Our service leverages those strengths and adds video to events generated by the control panel.

How it works

An event occurs, our technology generates a clip from the DVR/NVR, the clip is sent to the cloud, a text and email clip/link is sent to the client, and a clip/link is sent to your central station.  All cameras can be viewed by the client and central station.

Key Features:

  • Turns off-the-shelf DVR/NVRs into event based video appliances
  • True pre-alarm/event video
  • Cloud based service
    • No servers required
    • No software required
  • Video Alarm Verification through Central Station integration with Bold Manitou, SGS Stages and SureView Immix
  • No proprietary equipment
  • Event clips store off site even if the DVR/NVR is stolen
  • Devices from multiple manufacturers within the same web portal

Our Services:

  • Event based video clips (pre and post alarm)
    • A text and email is sent to the end user with a video link
    • Your operator gets pre and post alarm clips of events
    • Stored in the cloud
  • Live view cameras
    • Live view cameras from smart phones, tablets or computers
    • Operators can live view all cameras upon an event
  • End user web portal
    • Clips stored by date
    • Clients can live view cameras and set alerts
  • Central Station Web Portal
    • Clips association with events
    • Live view all cameras

For more information about our Active Video service, contact us!