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Central Vacuum Services

Many people enjoy the conveniences of today's modern home with its central heating and air conditioning, indoor plumbing, extensive electrical, phone and cable TV systems, etc.  The vacuum cleaner industry offers to the modern homeowner the special conveniences, performance and durability of the Central Vacuum System.

Since the main power unit is mounted outside of the normal living area, cleaning is done at a greatly reduced sound level.  This is much less disturbing to family members who may be visiting with friends, watching TV, listening to the radio or taking a nap while the cleaning is being done.  Since the dust and dirt are removed completely from the room, better air quality in the home is achieved, enabling healthier living.

Central Vacuum systems are often highly recommended by allergists since the main air flow is typically exhausted outside the house, preventing the recirculation of fine dust and allergens within the home.  While a number of portable vacuums are now boasting super high filtration which meets the HEPA (99.97% at 0.3┬Ám) specifications, the central vacuum system prevents 100% of all sizes of dust particles from recirculating into your room when the exhaust air is vented outside your home.  While many systems filter so well that an installation does not need to be vented outside if it isn't convenient, most are vented outside to reduce the amount of dust in the home.