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Home Theater and Surround Sound

Home theater and surround-sound are the driving forces of consumer electronics and the custom installation industry.  MSSI's consultants are experts in the design and installation of high performance home theater systems.  Whether you have a room for a dedicated home theater, or a family room which serves many purposes, MSSI can install the system that is right for you, your family, and your budget.

From systems as simple as 5 strategically placed speakers, to full blown high end home theaters, MSSI uses only the finest quality wiring and equipment to give you a movie theater experience right in the comfort of your very own home.

Even if the homeowner doesn't want to install a system when they move into their new home, MSSI can wire for future ability to install a home theater/surround sound system.

Multi-Room Audio Distribution

Your Hi-Fi system is probably in your family room; so what do you do if you want to listen to music when you're in the study, patio, kitchen, or relaxing in the bathroom or bedroom?  In most instances, you will be faced with an inferior mini system with poor sound quality and the inconvenience of moving your CD's and other media from room to room.

Imagine a home in which you can create quality sound anywhere at the touch of a button.  It's there as you move around, in whichever room you like to hear your music.

Our audio experts can work with you to accomplish any scenario you can imagine!  Do you want to control audio components from any room in the house with a programmable keypad?  No problem!