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IdentaSafe is one of the fastest growing identity theft protection providers in the United States.  IdentaSafe has been in the identity theft industry since 2004, well before identity theft became a mainstream concern.  As a subsidiary of Ocenture, LLC, a two-time Inc. 500 company, IdentaSafe is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and has satellite offices in California and Europe.  IdentaSafe's approach to identity theft protection is simple: provide affordable, best-in-class identity theft protection products.

How We Protect You

Most identity Theft solutions only focus on detecting and correcting identity theft.  IdentaSafe gives you the tools to proactively defend against fraud.

Early detection is essential in preventing or minimizing the damage from identity theft.  IdentaSafe can detect and halt fraud before real damage is done.

In the event identity theft does occur, IdentaSafe members are appointed an ICFE Certified Restoration Specialist, and enjoy the coverage of identity theft insurance.

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