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Inspection Services

Fire systems are covered under NFPA72 and WAC guidelines and are required to have an annual inspection.  Lately municipalities are using outside agencies to help them keep track of the businesses actual fire inspection.  By having a fire inspection contract and the inspection done in a timely manner, you don't have to worry about city authorities, their fines and all that.  You would be in compliance and your insurance company would appreciate it!!

We also can set up a contract for an annual fire device sensitivity testing.

No matter what type of "system" - Security, Video Surveillance, etc. - you might have, an annual inspection could mean the difference between a small repair cost and a complete replace/upgrade.  How would you know?  If your system was scheduled for an annual inspection, you would know the status and could budget for repairs or upgrade instead of being hit with a major expense. 

Call our office today to set up an inspection of the systems on your property. 

Services Provided

  • Functional test of all accessible, restorable devices with the manufacturer's approved testing method.
  • Visual inspection of all accessible devices.
  • Test include:
    • Communication test, where applicable
    • Battery test
      • Load test while charging
      • Load test in alarm status
      • Load test in standby status
    • Ground fault testing
    • 5-minute bell test
    • 15-minute voice evacuation testing (if required)
    • Door release testing
    • Smoke verification testing, where applicable
  • All testing will be done by qualified and/or certified technicians.
  • Technicians will be licensed, bonded, and insured.


  • A written inspection report (patterned on the current NFPA 72 form) will  be provided:
    • 1-copy will be provided to the Customer
    • 1-copy will be forwarded to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
    • 1-copy will be safeguarded at Moon Security Services, Inc.
  • Where required, updated operation and maintenance documents will be provided.
  • A framed set of operating instructions will be provided if needed.


  • This is a functional test, visual test, and inspection only.  Devices that fail or are found to be out of factory tolerances or specifications, improperly placed, or used for a purpose they were not designed for, will be noted on the inspection/test report.
  • Any devices or equipment that may need replaced, repaired, re-calibrated, or cleaned, will be at an additional fee and documented on a separate contract and/or addendum after approval from the Customer.