Breach Reporting Toolkit (BRT)

Award winning, turn-key breach reporting solution

Taking the Headache and Fear out of Data Breach Reporting

Moon Security, in partnership with CSR Professional Services, is here to relieve the headache and fear of complying with federal and state data breach reporting requirements.

Call CSR and we will assess your data breach situation and report to all required organizations and consumers based on your specific breach. Leveraging CSR's patented Breach Reporting Service™—an award-winning, turn-key breach reporting solution—enables your breach to be reported properly, to the correct regulatory bodies and consumers, and within all regulated time frames.

Most organizations are often unaware they have suffered a data breach, much less know how to properly report it. Make CSR Breach Reporting Services a part of your organization's Incident Response Plan. Don't place your business at risk of civil and criminal penalties or suffer the impact on reputation and future sales.

*CSR Professional Services Granted United States patent 8,626,671; "System and Method for automated data breach notification"; January 2014.

FTC, BBB & Visa all recommend Incident Response Planning PRIOR to an event.

Are You Protecting the PII of Your Employees and Customers?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) represents the information your business has about your employees, customers, or vendors that can identify an individual and possibly lead to identity theft or fraud. It can be as obvious as their social security number or credit card information to just their email address or phone number.

Data Protection Laws Cover Breach and Consumer Notification Protocol

Your responsibility for data protection encompasses ALL paper records and electronic files containing PII, such as employee health information and records, customer names and addresses as well as financial data of clients, employees and suppliers.

All businesses need to be prepared in the event a breach occurs. Proactive planning will minimize loss such as reputational damage, decreased sales, fines, and lawsuits.

Minimize the devastating loss of a commercial data breach

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