CSR Readiness Pro Suite

With a bundled privacy assessment solution and data breach reporting service, you can be both proactive and reactive

Taking the Headache and Fear out of Data Breach Reporting

Moon Security, in partnership with CSR Professional Services, is here to relieve the headache and fear of complying with federal and state data breach reporting requirements.

All 50 states have data breach notification laws.
Does your business comply with these regulatory mandates?

Washington, Oregon, and Idaho law requires any person or organization that conducts business in their state to report unauthorized disclosure of personal information under a variety of circumstances.

Responding to a data breach can be stressful, costly, and time consuming. Businesses stand to lose more than just data! Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are among many states that publicize breaches that effect their residents.

Is your company prepared for this?

Moon Security understands these challenges and is helping small-medium size businesses comply with these laws by providing a comprehensive data privacy solution.

The CSR Readiness Pro Edition, containing the Readiness Risk Assessment and Breach Reporting Service, will help your business reduce the risk of a data breach, and in the event of an actual suspected breach, CSR takes the headache and hassle out of the legal requirements to report the loss or breach of PII to an ever-increasing number of authorities, as well as mandated notification to your customers.

CSR Readiness is a PROACTIVE solution that helps your business improve the way it handles personal information and will identify potential privacy or security deficiencies. It then provides a prioritized remediation schedule to fill the gaps in your privacy policies and practices. This is critical should you ever come up in any sort of investigation or legal process related to a breach.

The Breach Reporting Service (BRS) is the REACTIVE solution that fulfills your legal requirements to report a breach and notify your customers. This patented, award-winning service is provided by Certified Information Privacy Professionals and will help protect your reputation and mitigate fines.

Most organizations are often unaware they have suffered a data breach, much less know how to properly report it. Make CSR Breach Reporting Services a part of your organization's Incident Response Plan. Don't place your business at risk of civil and criminal penalties or suffer the impact on reputation and future sales.

Are You Protecting the PII of Your Employees and Customers?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) represents the information your business has about your employees, customers, or vendors that can identify an individual and possibly lead to identity theft or fraud. It can be as obvious as their social security number or credit card information to just their email address or phone number.

Millions Affected By Data Breaches Every Year

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson's third annual Data Breach Report finds that data breaches affected nearly 3.4 million Washingtonians between July of 2017 and July of 2018 — an increase of 700,000, or 26 percent, over the previous year, and an increase of nearly 3 million, or more than 700 percent, compared to two years ago.

Ferguson's report makes the following recommendations to strengthen Washington’s data breach notification law:

  • Reduce the deadline to notify affected individuals of a breach to 30 days after the breach is discovered;
  • Require preliminary notification to the Attorney General's Office of a breach within 10 days after the breach’s discovery; and
  • Expand the definition of personally identifiable information to include full dates of birth, usernames in combination with passwords, digital signatures, DNA profiles or other forms of biometric data, and identification numbers from passports and other sources.

Watch CSR's Breach Reporting Service and Readiness videos to learn why reporting and notification is mandatory, how the service works, and who the experts are behind it.

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