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Fire alarm systems are carefully designed and created to meet or exceed national, state and local code requirements. Fire solutions include design, installation, maintenance and required inspections. Meeting the ongoing requirements of local and state Fire Marshals, Moon Security's licensed personnel test, document and file the required paperwork necessary to keep your fire system in compliance with local and state laws.

We feature industry leading, traditional and addressable systems, suiting small to large businesses and multi-location enterprise customers alike. Moon Security offers fully integrated fire solutions. From Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) design and layout to final approval by fire authorities, the design team collaborates with all stakeholders, including construction and electrical engineers, architects, HVAC contractors, sprinkler, elevator, and building control companies.

Fire systems are covered under NFPA 72 and IBC guidelines and are required to have an annual inspection. Moon Security’s fire services provide regular, scheduled health checks and inspections that keep solutions current and up to code.

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