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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Moon Security designs fire alarm systems that meet or exceed federal, state, and local fire code requirements. Our fire services include design, installation, maintenance, required inspections, and ongoing monitoring of the system.

We are a licensed dealer of Honeywell's Silent Knight and Farenhyt fire solutions, as well as many other leading-edge products designed for homes and businesses. These solutions are cost-effective, reliable, and designed to replace separate smoke detector and CO2 monitoring devices in each room or hallway with one primary device.

According to FEMA, 40% of small businesses never recover after a major disaster like a fire, which is why protecting your building and personnel from this danger is so essential. You want to protect people first, but you also want to make sure those people have a job to come back to after the incident is over.

What's Included in a Commercial Fire System?

Fire & Smoke Detectors - Commercial fire detection devices include heat and smoke detectors, which serve as the first line of defense in fire protection. The sooner you detect a fire, the more likely everyone will be able to get out alive and that the building will be saved.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Service - Connecting your commercial fire alarm system to a monitoring center helps ensure that emergency responders will arrive as soon as possible and will be alerted to any fires that occur after business hours.

Fire Alarms - Sirens, flashing lights, exit signs, and emergency lighting help alert people to a possible fire danger and can help to guide them out of the building.

Fire Sprinklers - Contrary to popular belief, fire sprinklers only trigger in the rooms that are being directly affected by the fire. Commercial fire sprinklers can help slow the progress of a fire and sometimes extinguish the fire altogether.

Fire Extinguishing Tools - Many commercial facilities place fire extinguishers, axes, and other tools throughout a building to provide occupants with fire prevention tools that can help extinguish a small fire before it gets out of hand or aid in an emergency evacuation.

Emergency Water Hoses - Installing one or more large fire hoses provides firefighters with one more tool in helping extinguish a fire that is getting out of control.

What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Fire System?

Here are a few reasons to consider installing a commercial fire system:

  • Protect lives
  • Protect property
  • Early detection
  • Stay in compliance with local, state & federal regulations
  • Avoid unnecessary liability
  • Help extinguish fires as quickly as possible

What Buildings Need a Commercial Fire System?

If your building were to burn down, would it put lives or other people's property at risk? If the answer is "Yes," you probably need some combination of commercial fire equipment.

Here are a few examples of facilities that typically need a commercial fire system:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores & shopping areas
  • Industrial facilities & factories
  • Warehouses
  • Government buildings
  • Power plants & municipal buildings
  • Schools & dormitories
  • Sporting & entertainment arenas
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Places of worship
  • Hospitals & health care facilities

Which Fire Alarm System Is Right for You?

The type of fire equipment a particular commercial facility needs usually depends on the use, size, and occupancy of the building. From Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) design and layout to final approval by fire authorities, our design team collaborates with all stakeholders, including construction and electrical engineers, architects, HVAC contractors, sprinkler, elevator, and building control companies. The goal is to create fully integrated fire solutions that meet everyone's approval.

Fire Alarm Regulations & Legal Considerations

To help you meet the ongoing requirements of local and state fire codes and regulations, Moon Security's licensed personnel test, document, and file the required paperwork necessary to keep your fire system in compliance with local and state laws.

Fire systems are covered under NFPA 72 and IBC guidelines and are required to have an annual inspection. Moon Security’s fire services provide regular, scheduled health checks and inspections that keep solutions current and up to code.

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Moon Security can design and build a comprehensive commercial fire system that will help keep people and property safe while keeping you in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our fire specialists located in Pasco and Spokane have installed a wide variety of commercial fire systems throughout the state of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Contact us to get a quote and see what our expert technicians can do for you!

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