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Better Tools for Managing Court Compliance

Cost-Effective, Automated Testing

  • Offers a low cost per test
  • Costs significantly less than incarceration
  • Requires no labor after installation or appointments to administer tests
  • Is physically non-invasive and minimally disruptive on the offender’s daily activities

Court Acceptance

Continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring technology (the basis of SCRAM) has been accepted in evidentiary hearings across the country, with most resulting in favorable Frye or Daubert rulings.

AMS has an excellent track record of defending SCRAM in numerous Court cases, and the vast majority of judges hearing cases involving SCRAM have recognized that the device is accurate, reliable, and generally accepted.

judge gavel for court services

SCRAM / EHM Reference Guide

SCRAM Systems Device Help Landing Page (002)


SCRAM / EHM Directive

  • Judge signs Court order or referral directive as provided by Moon Security Services, Inc. (Moon Court Services), including start date and length of monitoring
  • Directive emailed or faxed to Moon

SCRAM / EHM Installation

  • Defendant reports for installation process at specified Moon location
  • Defendant must provide Moon with all pertinent Court documentation
  • Moon notifies Court of installation or failure to enroll

SCRAM / Remote Breath / EHM / and GPS Monitoring and Reporting

  • Defendant must abide by terms outlined in the SCRAM / EHM Participant Agreements
    • Defendant can be monitored for:
      • Continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) only
      • Both CAM and EHM (house arrest / curfew / RF based) – each bracelet is dual-technology capable.
    • CAM non-compliance violations will be reported within 24 hours of the confirmation, and includes:
      • Alcohol confirmed consumption
      • Attempts to tamper with or circumvent the technology
      • Failure to download data as directed by terms of the Court and the SCRAM Program
    • Point-in-time testing vias a handheld breath testing device, offered as a lesser alternative to
      the CAM bracelet.
    • 24/7 GPS tracking that allows for lockdown inclusion zones and/or exclusion zone
    • EHM non-compliance will be reported by standard or priority notification as specified by the Court or Agency:
      • Includes violation of EHM schedule parameters
    • Moon can provide regular status reports per Court or Agency-preferred frequency.

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