Do These 21 Things for Better Dealership Security

The primary goal of any security system is to keep assets safe. This is especially challenging for automotive, marine, and RV dealerships, where threats such as theft and vandalism can impose negative consequences, from revenue loss to increased insurance premiums. 

Improving car dealership security is crucial for protecting inventory, ensuring the safety of employees and customers, and maintaining a reputable business operation. Because no one security solution can protect 100%, it is important to implement as many as are feasible for your business. 

Here are 21 ways to enhance security measures at a car dealership:

  1. Install High-Quality Surveillance Cameras: Place cameras strategically around the lot, in showrooms, and at all entrances/exits to monitor and record activities 24/7.
  2. Use Video Monitoring: Video monitoring is a security technique that uses cameras to continuously observe, record, and review activities in designated areas. It enhances safety, deters criminal activity, and aids in incident analysis and response.
  3. Use Motion Detector Lighting: Illuminate the dealership’s exterior with motion-activated lights to deter thieves and vandals, especially after hours.
  4. Implement Access Control Systems: Keycards, codes, or biometric scanners can be used to control who enters the premises or certain areas within the dealership.
  5. Secure Vehicle Keys: Store keys in a locked, tamper-proof cabinet or safe, preferably in a location that’s monitored by cameras.
  6. Employ Security Guards: Having a physical security presence, especially during non-business hours, can be a strong deterrent against potential threats.
  7. Alarm Systems: Install a comprehensive alarm system that covers break-ins, and glass breakage, and possibly integrates with fire and carbon monoxide detection.
  8. Fence the Perimeter: A sturdy fence can act as a physical barrier to unauthorized entry, especially for dealerships in areas prone to theft or vandalism.
  9. Gate Entry Points: Control vehicle access to and from the property with automated gates that require an access code or remote control to open.
  10. Regular Security Audits: Periodically review and update security measures to address any new vulnerabilities or emerging threats.
  11. Security Training for Staff: Train employees on security protocols, including how to respond to suspicious activity and emergencies
  12. Cybersecurity Measures: Protect customer data and financial information with robust cybersecurity practices, including firewalls, antivirus software, and secure Wi-Fi networks.
  13. Vehicle Immobilizers: For high-value inventory, consider using wheel locks, brake locks, or other immobilizing devices when cars are parked on the lot.
  14. Window and Door Reinforcements: Install shatterproof glass and reinforced door locks to make break-ins more difficult.
  15. Vehicle Tracking Devices: Equip cars with GPS tracking devices to recover them quickly in the event of theft.
  16. Customer Identity Verification: Implement strict policies for verifying the identity of individuals taking test drives or inquiring about high-value vehicles.
  17. Limit After-Hours Access: Restrict access to the dealership outside of business hours, allowing only authorized personnel with pre-approved reasons to enter.
  18. Cash Handling Protocols: Establish secure procedures for handling and depositing cash to minimize the risk of internal theft or robbery. 
  19. Use of Warning Signage: Post signs around the dealership indicating that the premises are under surveillance and that security measures are in place.
  20. Collaborate with Local Law Enforcement: Establish a relationship with local police and participate in community watch programs to enhance overall security awareness and response.
  21. Work with Security Professionals: Work with security system professionals specializing in dealership security. 

Implementing a combination of these strategies can significantly improve a car dealership’s security, protecting its assets, employees, and customers from various risks.

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