Embracing SCRAM Services: A Game-Changer

Moon Security Electronic Monitoring 

SCRAM services present an invaluable opportunity for courts, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies to enhance public safety, promote treatment compliance, and streamline legal processes. With their objective and continuous monitoring capabilities, these devices offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, ensuring greater accountability and better outcomes for individuals in the legal system. 

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Moon Security Electronic Monitoring services include GPS Tracking, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, House Arrest/Curfew Monitoring, Remote Breath, and point-in-time testing. Moon Security proudly works with the justice system and serves Washington State, northern Idaho, and northeastern Oregon. 

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In the realm of legal systems, technology is rapidly revolutionizing various aspects of the judicial process. One such innovation that has garnered significant attention is SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) services. Designed to monitor individuals’ alcohol consumption remotely and continuously, through Transdermal Alcohol Content, SCRAM devices present a unique opportunity for courts, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies to enhance their operations and improve outcomes. This article explores the reasons why these stakeholders should seriously consider integrating SCRAM services into their practices.

Enhanced Public Safety

The primary objective of any judicial system is to protect public safety and ensure the well-being of communities. SCRAM services are vital in achieving this goal by monitoring individuals with alcohol-related offenses. By using SCRAM devices, courts, and law enforcement agencies can ensure compliance with alcohol abstinence requirements and intervene swiftly if violations occur. This real-time monitor acts as a powerful deterrent and enhances public safety by reducing the risks associated with repeat offenses.

Objective and Reliable Evidence

SCRAM services provide objective and reliable evidence of an individual’s alcohol consumption patterns. Traditional methods, such as self-reporting or periodic alcohol tests, can be prone to manipulation or evasion. However, SCRAM devices offer continuous, non-invasive monitoring that eliminates the possibility of falsification and includes tamper detection technology.  This evidence can be crucial in court proceedings, providing attorneys, judges, and juries with accurate data to make informed decisions and better assess an individual’s progress or non-compliance.

Court Acceptance

The utilization of continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring technology, which forms the foundation of SCRAM, has gained widespread acceptance in evidentiary hearings throughout the nation. CAM has been validated in 33 rulings under the Frye or Daubert rulings nationwide, since 2003.

SCRAM has demonstrated an impressive history of successfully defending the validity of CAM in various court proceedings. Most judges presiding over cases involving SCRAM have acknowledged the device’s accuracy, reliability, and widespread acceptance within the legal community.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Incarceration and traditional monitoring methods can be expensive for taxpayers and the individuals involved in the legal system. SCRAM services offer a cost-effective alternative that reduces the burden on judicial systems. CAM tests for alcohol approximately every 30 minutes, which equals 48 tests per day (336 alcohol tests per week). On the other hand, periodic testing often costs more and typically doesn’t provide more than two tests per week.

By utilizing remote monitoring, courts can avoid unnecessary imprisonment and the associated costs while ensuring public safety. Additionally, individuals can continue their daily lives, including employment and family responsibilities, without disruption, reducing the likelihood of recidivism.

  • Lower daily cost than the average alcoholic spends on alcohol
  • Costs less than incarceration
  • Requires limited physical labor after installation or appointments to administer tests

Treatment Compliance and Rehabilitation

For individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, SCRAM services can be a valuable tool in promoting treatment compliance and facilitating rehabilitation. SCRAM devices provide a continuous reminder of the commitment to sobriety, serving as a tangible deterrent and support mechanism. By monitoring individuals’ alcohol consumption, SCRAM services encourage accountability and help identify potential relapses early on, allowing for timely intervention and access to necessary treatment resources.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

Integrating SCRAM services streamlines court processes and saves valuable time for legal professionals. Traditional methods of monitoring alcohol consumption often require frequent in-person check-ins and manual reporting, burdening the court system and attorneys. SCRAM services automate the monitoring process, reducing administrative tasks and enabling lawyers and court officials to focus on more critical aspects of their work. This improved efficiency benefits all parties involved, from attorneys and judges to defendants and treatment providers.

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