From Showroom to Service Bay: Securing Your Entire Dealership Property


Your dealership is a hub of valuable assets – gleaming vehicles, vital equipment, and sensitive customer information.  Protecting this investment requires a comprehensive security approach that safeguards every corner of your property, from the showroom floor to the service bay. 

Here’s how to fortify your dealership’s security.

Perimeter Defense: Keeping the Outside Out

The first component of a layered security approach is to ensure the perimeter of the property is secure.

  • Fencing and Gates:  Ensure your perimeter has a sturdy, well-maintained fence of appropriate height. Secure gates with keypads or access control systems. Regularly check the fence for damage and repair any weaknesses promptly.
  • Lighting:  Brightly illuminate your entire property at night. This discourages trespassers and provides clear views for security cameras. Consider motion-activated floodlights for additional deterrence.

Building Security For Car Dealerships 

Investing in physical security measures is essential for protecting car dealerships. High-quality locks, reinforced doors, and impact-resistant glass can provide strong barriers against break-ins. Additionally, controlling access to various parts of your dealership through electronic access control systems ensures that only authorized personnel can enter sensitive areas.

  • Access Control:   Implement access control systems for all entry points. Keypad entry or key fob systems can restrict access to authorized personnel during off-hours.  Consider integrating access control with your security system for real-time monitoring.
  • Doors and Windows:   Ensure all doors are secured with heavy-duty locks and deadbolts. Reinforce vulnerable entry points like back doors and service bay doors. Install shatterproof glass or security film on windows for additional protection.
  • Roof Security:   Don’t neglect the roof – a vulnerable entry point for determined thieves. Regularly inspect for damage and consider installing alarms or motion sensors in vulnerable areas.
  • Cash Handling Areas:   Install a secure drop safe for cash deposits and receipts.  Limit staff access to these areas and consider security cameras with audio recordings for added accountability.
  • Showroom:   Showcase vehicles are high-value targets.  Consider using steering wheel locks or wheel clamps to deter theft. Secure key fobs and spare keys in a locked cabinet, and maintain a detailed log of key holders.
  • Service Department:  Store tools and equipment securely in locked cabinets or cages. Restrict access after hours and conduct periodic inventory checks.

Video Surveillance Considerations

A comprehensive surveillance system is indispensable for modern dealerships. High-definition cameras should cover all critical areas, including showrooms, service bays, storage areas, and parking lots. Consider technologies like motion sensors and license plate recognition cameras to enhance your surveillance capabilities. Digital recording and remote monitoring options allow for real-time security management and evidence gathering in the event of an incident.

  • Strategic Placement:  Install high-resolution security cameras throughout your dealership, covering entry points, the showroom floor, service areas, and the perimeter.  Pay close attention to blind spots and high-traffic zones.
  • Night Vision and Weatherproof Cameras:  Invest in night vision and weatherproof cameras to maintain 24/7 surveillance regardless of weather conditions.
  • Remote Monitoring:  Consider having your security camera system connected to a remote monitoring service. This allows for immediate dispatch of security personnel or law enforcement upon detection of suspicious activity.

Alarm Systems:  A Sound Defense

  • Multiple Alarm Zones:   Install a monitored alarm system with multiple zones, allowing for targeted activation depending on the area breached.
  • Intrusion Detection:   Include sensors on doors, windows, and in vulnerable areas like parts storage.  Motion detectors and glass break sensors offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Audible Alarms:   Equip your system with loud, distinctive sirens to deter intruders and alert the neighborhood. Consider installing strobe lights for additional visual deterrence.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Security System

  • Reduced Theft and Vandalism:  A visible security presence deters criminals and reduces the likelihood of break-ins and theft.
  • Peace of Mind:  Knowing your dealership is well-protected allows you to focus on running your business with confidence.
  • Improved Customer Experience:  Customers feel more comfortable leaving their vehicles and personal belongings on your property when they see a commitment to security.
  • Lower Insurance Costs:  Many insurance companies offer discounts for dealerships with demonstrably strong security measures.
  • Faster Response Times:  Monitored security systems allow for immediate dispatch of security personnel or law enforcement upon alarm activation, potentially minimizing damage and loss.
  • Investigative Tool:  Security camera footage can be invaluable for investigations in the event of a theft or vandalism incident.

Investing in a comprehensive security system for your dealership is an investment in your business’s success. By creating a layered defense that protects your property, inventory, and staff, you can safeguard your assets and create a secure and welcoming environment for your customers. Remember, security is not a one-time fix; it requires continuous evaluation and adaptation. Stay informed about emerging security threats and update your systems as needed to ensure long-term protection for your dealership.

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