GPS Location Monitoring (EHM)

Moon Court Services is proud to offer GPS monitoring technology that delivers the same level of product quality, customer service, and technical support that our customers have come to expect.

GPS combines superior monitoring accuracy with an industry-leading strap design that virtually eliminates false alerts. Client GPS tracking is now an integrated part of our suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions.


  • Slim one-piece design
  • 2-Way Communications to clients via the bracelet
  • Superior battery life
  • Reliable GPS and A-GPS location technology
  • Extreme temperature, shock, and impact resistance
  • 30-second, tool-free installation
  • Customizable inclusion/exclusion zones
  • Street-level map views

Strap Design

Open Strap, Closed Strap. There is Nothing in Between. An OPEN alert means an OPEN strap. No waiting, no guessing, no reason to doubt. The strap design on the GPS bracelet is different from other products on the market. It essentially eliminates intermittent strap disruptions that cause false alerts in other GPS technologies. With GPS, the detection of removal is nearly instantaneous, eliminating grace periods, wait times, and the confusion between “alerts” and “events.”