Have an existing security system?

Upgrades and add-ons to enhance your security solution

Moon Security is a leading provider of custom commercial and home security services in the greater Tri-Cities area in Washington. Serving Benton, Franklin, and Walla Walla counties, as well as other areas in Washington and Oregon.

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Get The Most Out of Your System

Moon Security has been offering home security systems in the Pasco, WA and Spokane, WA communities for over 60 years. While we specialize in installing new, custom designed monitoring systems, our team can help you assess the strength and reliability of your existing system, and offer solutions for alarm upgrades that give you greater peace of mind.

Security Upgrade in Spokane, WA and Pasco, WA

If you already have a security system, you may be able to gain additional functionality from your existing equipment. Today’s technology makes it easy to integrate an alarm system upgrade with new features, such as video or fire & CO2 monitoring. You can also add services quickly and easily when your circumstances change, or if you need additional safeguards. Some features you may wish to consider adding to your current system include:

Have a Security System from Another Company?

For most competitor systems, we can take over the system and start monitoring it. We can also upgrade your alarm panel with current generation hardware, enabling modern conveniences, such as the ability to be armed/disarmed via a smartphone and professionally monitored via WiFi/Internet, cell, or AES. New video cameras can also be monitored (Active Video).

Existing Security System Alarm Upgrades

An effective home security system is just as much about regular service and monitoring as it is making sure your system keeps up with the latest technologies. Let Moon Security help you determine if your current alarm system is providing you and your family the best protectionContact us today for a free consultation.

If you need assistance with your existing Moon Security system, you can fill out our Service Request Form directly from our website.