Fire/CO Monitoring

Fire systems: people, property, and asset protection

Fire Detection and Protection for Your Family

With smoke and carbon monoxide detection integrated with your home security system, you can ensure actions are quick and responsive, so your family is always safe and protected.

Moon Security is a licensed dealer of Honeywell's Silent Knight and Farenhyt fire solutions, as well as many other leading-edge products designed for homes and businesses. These solutions are cost-effective, reliable, and designed to replace separate smoke detector and CO monitoring devices in each room or hallway with one primary device.

Ask about what's new in fire alarm system solutions and trending technologies that may put your mind further at ease. We offer Silent Knight by Honeywell fire solutions as well as many other leading edge products designed for homes and businesses.

Silent Knight combo detector

Honeywell's combination alarms pack the punch of both fire prevention and CO detection, using four sensing technologies including photoelectric, infrared, heat, and CO. Paired with the B200S intelligent sounder base, these alarms will keep you and your family safe in every room of your Pasco and Spokane, WA home.

The devices come in wireless and wired options. Here's a list of some of the systems we utilize:

  • Wireless - 5800CO from Honeywell
  • Hardwired - CO1224T
  • Combo smoke and CO - IDPFIRECO from Honeywell Farenhyt
  • COSMO2W - system sensor version

Benefits of Combination Devices for Fire Detection & CO Monitoring

  • Improved aesthetics with a singular device
  • Reduced ongoing operational costs in labor and parts
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Wireless & plug-in devices available

In some instances, we use Honeywell's X Series Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarms. The XC-70, XC100, and XC100D devices can be free-standing, wall, or ceiling mounted and can be added wirelessly to many alarm systems.

Trust The Expertise of Moon Security

It's important your family is protected by an experienced and certified home security company in Spokane, WA and Pasco, WA. Moon Security proudly holds Level II and Level III certifications from The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)—expertise that is very important to look for when choosing a fire protection company.

Thousands of homeowners have trusted Moon Security to install, service, and monitor their home security system, including CO monitoring and fire monitoring devices. To learn about an electronic home monitoring alarm system upgrade with fire protection and carbon monoxide detection, or to get started with a new solution for your home, contact Moon Security today.

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