Video Surveillance

Cameras deter, detect, and capture live video

Video Surveillance Lets You Stay In Touch With Your Home While You Are Away

It also lets you look in on activity, see who's coming and going, and get the kind of accountability that makes you more comfortable and in touch with your surroundings.

Coupled with Moon Security's video solutions, you can get instant notification and snapshots when your motion detector has signaled an alarm – backed by our professional, in-house, Five Diamond Certified central station dispatchers who can quickly assess a situation and interact with responding authorities.

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Focal Lengths

The focal length of a lens is essentially the magnification of the picture. Depending where you plan to place the camera and what you want to capture will determine the focal length you will need. Here is a comparison of how a video feed would look at several different focal lengths, mounted in the same location:

Focal length comparison


"Zoom and Enhance!" You can't create pixels out of thin air. Magnifying an image will not necessarily create a more legible picture. There is a wide spectrum of resolutions available on cameras today, so if you need the ability to read the license plate from a vehicle on your street, then you'll want the clear, crisp video that higher megapixel cameras can deliver. To better illustrate the point, here is a comparison of various resolutions offered on many cameras:

Video resolution comparison

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