Video Surveillance

Cameras deter, detect, and capture live video

Why Should I Install Security Cameras?

Deterring criminal behavior is the number one reason to install home security cameras. The threat of leaving behind recorded video footage of criminal activity is a powerful deterrent. If your home is armed with a comprehensive residential security system and surveillance cameras, there's a good chance that the average burglar will look for an easier target down the street or in another neighborhood.

Smart Video Security Cameras

Smart video surveillance cameras allow homeowners to log into live, and recorded, video feeds through a smartphone to see what's happening while they're away. Smart home cameras enable you to see who is coming and going, while maintaining awareness of your surroundings.

3rd Party Monitoring of Home Security Cameras

Moon Security's video solutions allow you to receive instant notifications and snapshots when a motion detector has signaled an alarm. Our certified Central Station dispatchers can then quickly assess the situation and interact with responding authorities, if necessary.

Integrating Your Home Security with Other Smart Video Equipment

One of the latest video security features to emerge in recent years is the HD video doorbell. This doorbell functions exactly like a regular doorbell but has a built-in motion detector, camera, and two-way voice communicator.

If someone arrives at your front door, a notification is sent to your phone, even if they don't press the bell. You can pull up a live feed of the person at your front door and speak with them, directly. Integrating video equipment with other smart home features is helping families across Washington take their home security to the next level.

Benefits of Home Security Cameras

  • Deter burglars
  • Keep an eye on your home while away
  • Check in on family
    • Teenagers
    • Latchkey children
    • Elderly family members
    • Pets
  • Gather evidence for police
  • Potentially save on homeowner's insurance
  • Rest Easy.

See The Difference

Focal Lengths

The focal length of a lens is essentially the magnification of the picture. The camera location and area of capture will determine your needed focal length. Here is a comparison of how a video feed would look at several different focal lengths, mounted in the same location:

Focal length comparison


"Zoom and Enhance!" You can't create pixels out of thin air. Magnifying an image will not necessarily create a more legible picture. There is a wide spectrum of resolutions available on cameras today, so if you need the ability to read the license plate from a vehicle on your street, then you'll want the clear, crisp video that higher megapixel cameras can deliver. To better illustrate the point, here is a comparison of various resolutions offered on many cameras:

Video resolution comparison

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