Your Home Isn’t The Only Thing That Needs Protecting!

Protect yourself with Moon Security and our partnered Allstate Identity Protection.

At Moon Security, we have served our clients for over 60 years, earning our place among the Top 100 Security Companies in the Industry. As security professionals, we understand the importance of not only protecting your home but also safeguarding yourself.

The threat landscape has evolved in today’s digital age, and data theft has become a significant concern. While criminals once resorted to digging through mail or making fraudulent phone calls, the focus has shifted to targeting companies that store your data online. These organizations are susceptible to hackers and data breaches, putting your sensitive information at risk.

The Scary Reality of Data Breaching – Know The Risks

When sensitive information and data are put at risk due to data breaches, the consequences can be far-reaching and devastating:

Future Employment

One of the immediate concerns is the difficulty in gaining future employment. Potential employers conduct thorough background checks and scrutinize an individual’s digital footprint. If your personal information has been compromised, it could raise red flags and create doubts about your trustworthiness, potentially impacting your chances of securing employment.

Social Security

Data breaches can have long-term effects on various aspects of your financial life. They can impact your Social Security benefits, making it difficult to receive the support you deserve. In addition, these breaches may prevent you from obtaining student aid, hindering your educational aspirations and limiting your opportunities for growth and advancement.

Credit Problems

Credit problems are another significant consequence of data breaches. Once your sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, criminals can use it to commit identity theft and fraud, leading to damaged credit scores and financial instability. You may encounter difficulties obtaining loans or credit cards, which can impede major life milestones such as purchasing a home or starting a business.

The Dark Web

The aftermath of a data breach often involves selling your information on the dark web, a hidden part of the internet where cybercriminals thrive. Once your data is on the dark web, it can be sold to other criminals, perpetuating a vicious cycle of identity theft and fraud. This exposes you to further financial loss and tarnishes your reputation, leading to a damaged online presence and loss of trust in your personal and professional relationships.

That’s Where Moon Security & Our Partner Allstate Come In

To combat this growing problem, we have partnered with Allstate Identity Protection, a leading provider of comprehensive identity protection solutions. With Allstate Identity Protection, we offer a robust suite of benefits designed to keep you and your data safe:

Digital Footprint Tool

Our partnership allows you to see where your personal data is stored online. With this tool, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to protect your information effectively.

Cybersecurity Experts

Allstate Identity Protection has a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals who constantly monitor the dark web for any signs of your personal information being compromised. Their expertise ensures you receive timely alerts and recommendations to mitigate potential threats.

Social Media and Digital Exposure Monitoring

By monitoring your social media accounts, digital exposure, and IP address, Allstate Identity Protection provides an additional layer of security. This proactive approach helps identify potential risks and ensures your online presence remains secure.

The Comprehensive Identity Security Protection You Deserve

At Moon Security, we are steadfastly dedicated to protecting our customer’s data and identities. We firmly believe you deserve to live, work, and share confidently, free from the constant worry of identity theft. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive identity theft protection solutions. 

We understand the profound impact that data breaches and identity theft can have on individuals and their lives. Therefore, we strive to offer robust security measures that safeguard your personal information, giving you the peace of mind to confidently navigate the digital landscape. With Moon Security by your side, you can rest assured that your privacy and security are our top priorities.


Moon Security and Allstate Identity Protection offer you the ultimate solution to combat data breaches and protect your personal information. We urge you to act today to safeguard your home, yourself, and your digital identity. Get protected and stay protected with Moon Security.

To learn more about our comprehensive security solutions or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 800-722-1070 or visit Our Website. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating a customized security plan that suits your needs.

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