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Electronic Access Control Systems

Controlling access in and around your facility is a vital component of modern commercial security systems. An Electronic Access Control System allows an organization to control who can come and go from their facility, buildings, or parking decks, as well as when they are allowed to do so, and gives management the ability to restrict which areas designated people can access.

If your organization has a lot of employees coming and going, or high turnover, it is difficult to recognize when someone doesn't belong. ID cards that unlock doors add a layer of defense from unwanted access and eliminate many of the risks associated with traditional keys.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control?

  • Keycard and keychain fobs can be turned on and off quickly
  • Keycards eliminate the need for traditional keys
  • Don't have to re-key locks when an access card gets lost
  • Know who is coming and going
  • Know when people come and go
  • Easily restrict or allow access to specific areas, floors, or buildings
  • Immediately cut off access for terminated employees
  • Feeling safe and secure in the workplace

What Types of Organizations Need Access Control?

A wide variety of businesses and other organizations use access card readers. Here are a few examples:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical facilities and doctors' offices
  • Retail back offices and storage areas
  • Industrial facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories & science facilities
  • Schools & dormitories

Accountability & Detailed Reporting

Not only do you get accountability and detailed reporting on who entered and when, but access control also covers time and attendance, which can provide useful data to human resources and give the management team a clearer picture of what is happening around the workplace.

Can Access Control Reduce Employee Theft?

An electronic access control system can help to deter employee theft and pilfering because it adds a layer of accountability that isn't possible with traditional keys. Access card readers leave a trail that answers who, where, and when something occurred, which will discourage many employees from committing a crime that traces back to them.

In fact, after hours access can be restricted altogether, so an employee's keycard won't even be able to get them into the building when they're not supposed to be there. Finally, timed door alarms set up through an access control system can help prevent an employee from being able to prop open a door that might be intended for a later break-in.

Which Access Control System Is Right for You?

Moon Security offers all the options to create a secure facility without restricting the flow of authorized movement. Access control can provide important added protection when integrated with an intrusion alarm system and commercial security cameras that may be exactly what your organization needs. We use systems from DMP, Maxxess, PDK and other leading access control system providers.

We have security office locations in Pasco & Spokane and have installed a wide variety of electronic access control systems throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Contact us to get a quote and see what our expert technicians can do for you!

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